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Contents - Proceedings of the Netherlands Entomological Society Meeting 22

The complete volume (p. 1-116 )

San Martin G., P. Bacquet & M. Nieberding 2011.
Mate choice and sexual selection in a model butterfly species, Bicyclus anynana: state of the art (p. 9-22 )

Straten J. van der, P.J. Potting & A. van der Linden 2011.
Introduction of the tomato leafminer Tuta absoluta into Europe (p. 23-30 )

Beeuwkes J., W. den Hartog, M. Dik & E.J. Scholte 2011.
Surveillance and findings of exotic mosquitoes in used tires in The Netherlands: a methodological approach (p. 31-38 )

Ibáñez-Justicia A. & J.M. Loomans 2011.
Mapping the potential occurrence of an invasive species by using CLIMEX: case of the Asian hornet (Vespa velutina nigrithorax) in The Netherlands (p. 39-46 )

Wijngaard W. 2011.
The guidance system of male solitary bees chasing females (p. 47-60 )

Stegeman A. & P. Steenvoorde 2011.
Maggot debridement therapy (p. 61-66 )

Messelink G.J. & R. van Holstein-Saj 2011.
Generalist predator Stratiolaelaps scimitus hampers establishment of the bulb scale mite predator Neoseiulus barkeri in Hippeastrum (p. 67-74 )

Noordwijk C.G.E. van 2011.
Using life-history analyses to improverestoration management (p. 75-86 )

Govers A.J. 2011.
Lepidoptera monitored in the city of Utrecht (district Tuindorp) in the period of 1976-2001 (p. 87-94 )

Indexes (p. 95-100 )

Abstracts of all presentations (p. 101-116 )