Welkom bij de Nederlandse Entomologie Vereniging

Contents - Proceedings of the Netherlands Entomological Society Meeting 21

The complete volume (p. 1-76 )

Blom, J. van der 2010.
Applied entomology in Spanish greenhouse horticulture (p. 9-18 )

Mommaerts, V., G. Sterk & G. Smagghe 2010.
Bumblebees and neonicotinoids: a bioassay to evaluate sublethal effects on foraging behavior (p. 19-28 )

Visser, A. & T. Blacquière 2010.
Survival rate of honeybee (Apis mellifera) workers after exposure to sublethal concentrations of imidacloprid (p. 29-34 )

Blacquière, T. 2010.
Care for bees: for many reasons and in many ways (p. 35-42 )

Calis, J.N.M. & W.J. Boot 2010.
Beekeeping in a pollination beekeeper’s practice (p. 43-48 )

Brauße, J. & J.P. van Praagh 2010.
Stirring large volumes of pooled honeybee semen (p. 49-54 )

Mutsaers, M. 2010.
Seasonal absconding of honeybees (Apis mellifera) in tropical Africa (p. 55-60 )

Hemerik, L. & E. Yano 2010.
A simulation model for the functional response of Orius sauteri on eggplant leaves with Thrips palmi: Implications for biological control (p. 61-74 )

Wijngaard, W. 2010.
Accuracy of insect position control as revealed by hovering male Eristalis nemorum (p. 75-84 )

Soeter, A.M., F.A.A. Bakker, M. Velthuis, R.A. Verweij, L. Hoitinga, M. Marinkovic, M.H.S. Kraak & J.A.J. Breeuwer 2010.
The Selective Environment: genetic adaptation of the midge Chironomus riparius to metal pollution (p. 85-94 )

Marinković, M. & M.H.S. Kraak 2010.
Development of an easily made artificial sediment that reduces experimental variability (p. 95-102 )

Pham, K.T.K., T. Gkotsi, S. Hellingman & I.A.M Elberse 2010.
Phylogenetic analysis of several Otiorhynchus spp. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) present in The Netherlands (p. 103-106 )

Straten, M.J. van der & T.S.T. Muus 2010.
The box tree pyralid, Glyphodes perspectalis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae), an invasive alien moth ruining box trees (p. 107-112 )

Indices (p. 113-118 )

Abstracts of all presentations (p. 119-136 )