Welkom bij de Nederlandse Entomologie Vereniging

Contents - Proceedings of the Netherlands Entomological Society Meeting 20

The complete volume (p. 1-86 )

Boonstra, M. Asselman, P. Maas, R.A. Verweij, J.A.J. Breeuwer & M.H.S. Kraak 2009.
Persistence of chironomids in metal polluted environments (p. 9-15 )

Jong, P.W. de, L. Hemerik, G. Gort & J.J.M. Van Alphen 2009.
Different forms of mutual interference result in different spatial distributions of foraging Drosophila parasitoids Asobara citri and Asobara tabida (p. 17-29 )

Buijs, J. 2009.
Arthropods that annoy Amsterdam people (p. 31-44 )

Vierbergen, G. & A.J.M. Loomans 2009.
Phytoseiidae in Dutch green space (p. 45-53 )

Vallenduuk, H. 2009.
Larvae of the Tanypodinae (Diptera: Chironomidae): New (neglected) characters and the making of a new key (p. 55-66 )

All abstracts (p. 71-85 )