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Contents - Proceedings of the Netherlands Entomological Society Meeting 19

The complete volume (p. 1-173 )

Vereecken, N.J. 2008.
Pollinator-mediated selection, reproductive isolation and floral evolution in Ophrys orchids (p. 9-21 )

Velthuis, H.H.W., M. Cortopassi Laurino & F. Chagas 2008.
The nest of the Brazilian stingless bee Melipona quinquefasciata (p. 23-29 )

Michez, D. 2008.
Monographic revision of the melittid bees (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Melittidae sensu lato) (p. 31-39 )

Boot, W.J., J.N.M. Calis & M.H. Allsopp 2008.
Selection for reproductive workers in the Cape honeybee population, Apis mellifera capensis, leads to social parasitism in bee colonies from the savanna (p. 41-52 )

Paalhaar, J., W.J. Boot, J.J.M. Van Der Steen & J.N.M. Calis 2008.
In-hive pollen transfer between bees enhances cross-pollination of plants (p. 53-58 )

Alanen, E.-L. 2008.
Habitats and food plants of bumblebee queens in an agricultural landscape (p. 59-65 )

Langoya, L.A. & P.C.J. Van Rijn 2008.
The significance of floral resources for natural control of aphids (p. 67-74 )

Noordijk, J., K.V. Sýkora & A.P. Schaffers 2008.
The conservation value of sandy highway verges for arthropods implications for management (p. 75-93 )

Sloggett, J.J. 2008.
Habitat and dietary specificity in aphidophagous ladybirds (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae): Explaining specialization (p. 95-113 )

Parker, K., P. Roessingh & S.B.J. Menken 2008.
Effects of multiple mating and adult nutrition on longevity and fecundity in two Yponomeuta species (p. 115-120 )

Ondiaka, S., T. Bukhari, M. Farenhorst, W. Takken & B.G.J. Knols 2008.
Effects of fungal infection on the host-seeking behaviour and fecundity of the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae Giles (p. 121-128 )

Verhulst, N.O., W. Takken & R.C. Smallegange 2008.
Structural design affects entry response of mosquitoes in olfactometers (p. 129-136 )

Beeuwkes, J., J. Spitzen, C.W. Spoor, J.L. Van Leeuwen & W. Takken 2008.
3-D flight behaviour of the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae s.s. inside an odour plume (p. 137-146 )

Hemerik, L. & E.H. Van Nes 2008.
A new release of INSIM: A temperature-dependent model for insect development (p. 147-155 )

Pieters, B.J., D. Bosman-Meijerman, E. Steenbergen, E.-J. van den Brandhof, P. van Beelen, E. van der Grinten, W. Verweij & M.H.S. Kraak 2008.
Ecological quality assessment of Dutch surface waters using a new bioassay with the cladoceran Chydorus sphaericus (p. 157-164 )

Wessels-Berk, B. & E.-J. Scholte 2008.
One beetle too many: The emerald ash-borer, Agrilus planipennis (Coleoptera: Buprestidae), threatens Fraxinus trees in Europe (p. 165-168 )