Welkom bij de Nederlandse Entomologie Vereniging

Contents - Proceedings of the Netherlands Entomological Society Meeting 17

Billen J. 2006.
A study on avoidance and repellency of the African malaria vector Anopheles gambiae upon exposure to the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae (p. 9-25 )

Verberk W.C.E.P., J.T. Kuper, G.A. van Duinen & H. Esselink 2006.
Changes in macroinvertebrate richness and diversity following large scale rewetting measures in a heterogeneous bog landscape (p. 27-36 )

Duinen G.A. van, K. Vermonden, A.M.T. Brock, R.S.E.W. Leuven, A.J.P. Smolders, G. van der Velde, W.C.E.P. Verberk & H. Esselink 2006.
Basal food sources for the invertebrate food web in nutrient poor and nutrient enriched raised bog pools (p. 37-44 )

Jansen S.H.D.R., M. Holmgren & I. Wynhoff 2006.
Blues in the Roer Valley habitat selection and behaviour of Maculinea nausithous butterflies (p. 45-50 )

Nieuwenhuijsen H. 2006.
The Dutch Pompilidae: an excellent healthcare system (p. 51-53 )

Calis J.N.M., W.J. Boot & J. Beetsma 2006.
Attractiveness of brood cells from different honey bee races (Apis mellifera) to Varroa mites (p. 55-61 )

Boot W.J., J.N.M. Callis & M. Allsopp 2006.
Differential feeding of larvae affects caste differentiation in Apis mellifera (p. 63-69 )

Slaa E.J. 2006.
Spatial nesting patterns in a Neotropical stingless bee community: do bees compete for food? (p. 71-78 )

Bruijn L.L.M. de & M.J. Sommeijer 2006.
How the production patterns of sexuals may contribute to genetic variation in Melipona avosa (p. 79-85 )

Praagh J.P. van, K. Kock & H.G. Schell 2006.
Twelve years breeding with carnolian honeybees at LAVES Bienenkunde Celle (p. 87-91 )

Blacquière T., T.J. van der Aa-Furnée, B. Cornelissen & J. Donders 2006.
Behaviour of honey bees and bumble bees beneath three different greenhouse claddings (p. 93-102 )

Lenteren J.C. van 2006.
Ecosystem services to biological control of pests: why are they ignored? (p. 103-111 )

Messelink G.J. & R. van Holstein-Saj 2006.
Potential for biological control of the bulb scale mite (Acari: Tarsonemidae) by predatory mites in amaryllis (p. 113-118 )

Blacquière T. & J. van der Steen 2006.
Diagnosis and control of American foulbrood disease of honey bees in the Netherlands (p. 119-123 )

Gerritsen L. & B. Cornelissen 2006.
Biological control of Varroa destructor by fungi (p. 125-132 )

Cornelissen B. & L. Gerritsen 2006.
Swarm prevention and spring treatments against Varroa destructor in honey bee colonies (Apis mellifera) (p. 133-139 )

Donders J., B. Cornelissen & T. Blacquière 2006.
Varroa control preceding honey flow; thymol and formic acid residue (p. 141-145 )