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Contents - Proceedings of the Netherlands Entomological Society Meeting 05

The complete volume (p. 1-203 )

Straalen, N.M. van & M.H. Donker 1994.
Heavy metal adaptation in terrestrial arthropods· Physiological and genetic aspects (p. 3-18 )

Jager, C.R. & S.B.J. Menken 1994.
Sympatric speciation in Ageniaspis fuscicollis (Hymenoptera, Encyrtidae), an endoparasitoid of Yponomeuta spp. (Lepidoptera, Yponomeutidae), revealed by RAPD markers (p. 19-24 )

Meiracker, R.A.F. van den 1994.
Life history evolution in mass rearing of Orius insidiosis (p. 25-30 )

Kroon, A. 1994.
Relation between diapause duration and other life-history traits in the spider mite Tetranychus urticae (p. 31-34 )

Loomans, A.J.M. & T. Murai 1994.
Comparison of life-histories of different colour-types of Ceranisus menes (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae), parasitoid of Frankliniella occidentalis (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) (p. 35-40 )

Ruiter, B.J. & P.M. Brakefield 1994.
Interac tions be tween phenotypic plasticity and genetic polymorphism in the tropical butterfly Melanitis leda (p. 41-46 )

Kooi, R.E., P.M. Brakefield & E.G.M. Schlatmann 1994.
Description of the larval sensitive period for polyphenic wing pattern induction in the tropical butterfly Bicyclus anynana (Satyrinae) (p. 47-52 )

Brakefield, P.M., R.E. Kooi, N. den Hollander & W.C.H. van Alphen 1994.
Egg size declines with female age in the fruit-feeding tropical butterfly Bicyclus anynana (Satyrinae) (p. 53-54 )

Muraleedharan, H.M., H.M. Smid & H. Schooneveld 1994.
Midgut of the Colorado pOtato beetle as a source of peptides with myotropic function (p. 55-60 )

Passier, P.C.C.M., H.G.B. Vullings, J.H.B. Diederen & D.J. van der Horst 1994.
The modulatory effect of some neuroactive substances on the release of adipokinetic hormone from the corpus cardiacum of Locusta migratoria (p. 61-66 )

Weers, P.M.M., J. van Baal & D.J. van der Horst 1994.
Effects of precocene and ecdysterone on locust apolipophorin-III synthesis (p. 67-72 )

Henneghien, J. & F.J. Jacobs 1994.
The humoral response of adult honeybees in relation to injections with Bacillus larvae and Bacillus pulvifaciens (p. 73-76 )

Schuytter, J De & F.J. Jacobs 1994.
The use of the honey stomach of honeybees (Apis mellifera) as "bio-assay" for myotropic substances (p. 77-80 )

Vanhooren, A., J. Henneghien & F.J. Jacobs 1994.
The influence of environmental factors on the induction of antimicrobial responses in honeybees (p. 81-84 )

Visser, J.H. & P.G.M. Piron 1994.
Perception of plant odour components by the vetch aphid Megoura viciae: shape characteristics of electroantennogram responses (p. 85-90 )

Verbeek, M. & J.F.J.M. van den Heuvel 1994.
Localization of symbionin, a protein abundantly produced by the primary endosymbiont of Myzus persicae (p. 91-92 )

Booij, K., L. den Nijs, Th. Heijerman, I. Jorritsma, C. Lock & J. Noorlander 1994.
Size and weight of carabid beetles: ecological applications (p. 93-98 )

Klazenga, N. & H.H. de Vries 1994.
Walking distances of five differently sized ground beetle species (p. 99-100 )

Vermeulen, H.J.W., A.J. Spee, J.-P. Maelfait & R.O. Butowski 1994.
Road-size verges as a new habitat for carabid beetles of heathlands (p. 101-108 )

Vries, H.H. de, A. Kamping & W. van Delden 1994.
A preliminary study of genetic variation in isolated populations of the ground beetle Agonum ericeti (Coleoplera: Carabidae) (p. 109-114 )

Mabelis, A.A., R. Griffioen, R.J.H. Schröder & W.K.R.E. van Wingerden 1994.
Grasshoppers in heathland fragments surrounded by woodland (p. 115-122 )

Moller Pillot, H. 1994.
Factors determining the occurrence of terrestrial Chironomidae (Diptera) larvae (p. 123-128 )

Boer, R. de & K. Kuller 1994.
House dust mites (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus) in mattresses: vertical distribution (p. 129-130 )

Schelvis, J. 1994.
Caught between the teeth. A review of Dutch finds of archaeological remains of ectoparasites in combs (p. 131-132 )

Harrewijn, P., A.M. van Oosten & P.G.M. Piron 1994.
Synergistic effect of natural sesqui- and monoterpenes on host acceptation and polymorphism of Aphids (p. 133-138 )

Schoot, M. van der & C. Mollema 1994.
Resistance in tomato to Liriomyza trifolii (Diptera: Agromizidae) (p. 139-140 )

Theunissen, J. & H. Legutowska 1994.
Plant size as host plant selection criterion in leek by leek moth (Acrolepiopsis assectella) females (p. 141-144 )

Alebeek, F.A.N. van 1994.
A survey of bruchid pests and their parasitoids in stored cowpea in Niger (p. 145-150 )

Schelf, J. van 1994.
The selection and utilisation of parasitoids for aphid control in glasshouses (p. 151-158 )

Sütterlin, & A. Lamaur 1994.
Movements among plants and population development of the greenhouse whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum) in Gerbera with and without parasitoids Encarsia formosa) (p. 159-164 )

Roermund, H.J.W. van & J.C. van Lenteren 1994.
The functional response of the parasitoid Encarsia formosa searching for whitefly on a plant (p. 165-172 )

Geervliet, J.B.F., K.J . de Jong, L.E.M. Vet & M. Dicke 1994.
The use of infochemicals from the first and second trophic level by the specialist larval endoparasitoid Cotesia rubecuula (p. 173-180 )

Wilson, M.D., H.B. Mafuyai & R.J. Post 1994.
Morphological identification of sibling species of the Simulium damnosum (Diptera: Simuliidae) complex from Nigeria, Cameroun and Bioko (p. 181-186 )

Jansen, M.G.M. & L. Oudman 1994.
Identification of whiteflies (p. 187-188 )

Flipsen, J.T.M., M.M. van Oers, J.W.M. Martens, J.M. Vlak & J.W.M. van Lent 1994.
Early stages of Autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus infection in Spodoptera exigua larvae (p. 189-194 )

Heuvel, J.F.J.M. van den, M. Verbeek & F. van det Wilk 1994.
Identification of potato leafroll virus-binding proteins from Myzus persicae (Sulz.) (p. 195-196 )

Augustijn, C.H. 1994.
The influence of feeding sugar syrup on the night activity and mortality rate of honeybees (p. 197-202 )