Welkom bij de Nederlandse Entomologie Vereniging

Contents - Proceedings of the Netherlands Entomological Society Meeting 01

The complete volume (p. 1-198 )

Lenteren, J.C. van 1990.
A century of biological control in West Europe (p. 3-12 )

Heitmans, W.R.B. 1990.
Which information is used to assess host size and sex of the progony? Experiments with a solitary aculeate ectoparasitoid of cockroaches (p. 13-18 )

Jong, E.J. de & G.A. Pak 1990.
Searching behaviour of alate and apterous Trichogramma wasps on model plants (p. 19-24 )

Hoeven, W.A.D. van der & P.C.J. van Rijn 1990.
Factors affecting the attack success of predatory mites on thrips larvae (p. 25-30 )

Dicke, M., K.J. van der Maas, J. Takabayashi & L.E.M. Vet 1990.
Learning affects response to volatile allelochemicals by predatory mites (p. 31-36 )

Visser, J.H., H. den Ouden & S. Voerman 1990.
The perception of attractans and repellents by insects (p. 37-41 )

Bruin, J. & M.W. Sabelis 1990.
Airborne information transfer bewteen cotton seedlings. Consequences for phytophagous mites and predatory mites (p. 42-43 )

Rijn, P.C.J. van & M.W. Sabelis 1990.
Pollen as an alternative food source for predatory mites and its effect on the biological control of thrips in greenhouses (p. 44-48 )

Ester, A. & J. Neuvel 1990.
Protecting carrots against carrot root fly larvae (Psila rosae F.) by filmcoating the seeds with insecticides (p. 49-56 )

Buren, N.W.M. van & J.W. Stegeman 1990.
The distribution of the acaracide perizin in the honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) (p. 57-60 )

Schober, G. 1990.
Humidity, house dust, houshold cleanning and production of house dust mite allergen (p. 61-62 )

Kort, H.S.M. 1990.
Mites, dust lice, fungi and their interrelations on damp walls and room partitions (p. 63-68 )

Siepel, H. 1990.
The influence of management on food size in the menu of insectivorous animals (p. 69-74 )

Mols, P.J.M. 1990.
Forecasting orchard pests for adequate timing of control measures (p. 75-81 )

Menken, S.B.J. 1990.
Genetical population structure in insects (p. 82-87 )

Drukker, B. & M.W. Sabelis 1990.
Anthocorid bugs respond to odour emanating from Psylla ingested pear trees (p. 88-89 )

Schelvis, J. 1990.
Mites (Acari) in archaeology (p. 90-95 )

Schelvis, J. 1990.
Mites from medieval Oldeboorn. An environmental reconstruction (p. 96-97 )

Timmermans, K.R. & E. Spijkerman 1990.
Biomagnification and bioconcentration of zinc and cadmium in the watermite Limnesia maculata (Hydrachnelae) (p. 98 )

Verhoek, B.A., W. Takken, J. Schouten & G.J.C. Vethanayagam 1990.
Age effects on the insemination rate of Anopheles gambiae s.l. (Dipt., Culicidae) in the laboratory (p. 99 )

Kikkert, A. & C. Davids 1990.
Diapause in fourth instar larvae of the chironomid Stictochironomus histrio Fabricius (p. 100 )

Huis, A. van, N.K. Kaashoek & P.M. Lammers 1990.
Uscana lariophaga (Hym.: Trichogrammatidae), egg parasitoid of two bruchid species of cowpea in west Africa (p. 101-106 )

Blommers, L., M. Ziminski & F. Vaal 1990.
Preliminary observations on Holcothorax testaceipes, parasitoid of the apple leaf miner Phyllonorycter blancardella (p. 107-112 )

Haan, L.N. de & F. Jongejan 1990.
Immunization against ticks with special reference to Amblyomma variegatum (Acari; Ixodidae) (p. 113-120 )

Takken, W. & B.G.J. Knols 1990.
Flight behaviour of Anopheles gambiae Giles (Diptera: Culicidae) in reponse to host stimuli: a windtunnel study (p. 121-128 )

Hennekam, M.M.B. & M. Kole 1990.
Biological pest control on ornamental plants (p. 129-130 )

Schooneveld, H. 1990.
Analysis of neural and neuroendocrine centers in the Colorado potato beetle with monoclonal antibodies (p. 131-136 )

Schoonhoven, L.M. 1990.
Pheromones promote egg dispersal in cabbage white butterflies (p. 137-139 )

Haeften, T. van & H. Schooneveld 1990.
Immunocytochemical localization of the biogenic amine serotonin in the central and peripheral nervous system of the Colorado beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say) (p. 140-141 )

Horst, D.J. van der 1990.
Effects of precocene and azadirachtin on lipophorin conversions in Locusta migratoria (p. 142-143 )

Oudejans, R.C.H.M., F.P. Kooiman, Th.K.F. Schulz & A.M.Th. Beenakkers 1990.
In vitro biosynthesis of adipokinetic hormones in the migratory locust, Locusta migratoria (p. 144-145 )

Herrebout, W.M. & B.J. Menken 1990.
Preliminary data on the origin of small ermine moths introduced into North America (Lepidoptera: Yponommeutidae) (p. 146-151 )

Goffau, L.J.W. de 1990.
Problems caused by indigenous and exotic Scarabaeidae (Coleoptera) in The Netherlands (p. 152-157 )

Vierbergen, G. 1990.
The spider mites of the Netherlands and their economic significance (Acarina: Tetranychidae) (p. 158-164 )

Sprengers, S.A. 1990.
Drone production of africanized honeybees (Apis mellifera) in Costa Rica (p. 165-170 )

Veen, J.W. van, H. Arce & M.J. Sommeijer 1990.
Tropical beekeeping: the production of males in stingless bees (Melipona) (p. 171-176 )

Bruijn, L.L.M. de, M.J. Sommeijer & L. van Miltenburg 1990.
Behaviour of laying workers in a queenright colony of Hypotrigona braunsi (Apidae, Meliponinae) (p. 177-183 )

Heuvel, J.F.J.M. van den, J.H.P.M. Broos, J.A.A.M. Dirven, G.J. van Os & D. Peters 1990.
Reduced availability of potato leafroll virus for acquisition by Myzus persicae (Sulz.) (p. 184-189 )

Peters, D., E. Brooijmans & P.F.M. Grondhuis 1990.
Mobility as a factor in the efficiency with which aphids can spread non-persistently transmitted viruses (p. 190-194 )

Sloff, R. & R. Bos 1990.
The joint WHO/FAO/UNEP panel of experts on environmental management for vector control (P.E.E.M.) (p. 195 )

Gemert, G.J.A. van, J.B.A. Hooghof, J.J.G.S. Kuhnen, A.H.W. Lensen, T. Ponnudurai & J.H.E.Th. Meeuwissen 1990.
Biological studies on Anopheles stephensi as vector for the in vitro cultivated malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum under laboratory conditions (p. 196-197 )